Selfie Stick Reviews

Thousands of people are rushing to grab there very own selfie stick but they have no idea what to look for amongst all the variations that are currently available.

In this Selfie Stick review we’re going to breakdown all the differences in the selfie poles on the market and show you why our highest rated selfie pole offers the best quality and value possible.

What Features Are Available???


Internal Battery – You can have a stick with or without a battery.

Obviously, the stick without the battery will require you to use the timer on your smartphone to take the picture rather than the button on the stick or remote.

Built-In Remote – The best sticks have a built in button that will control the shutter to your iPhone or Android device.

Otherwise, you’ll have a completely separate remote similar to a key-less entry for your car that will control the camera shutter. The remotes are easily lost and not great for anyone doing extreme sports like skiing or hiking.

bluetooth-technologyBluetooth Pairing – If you want to control your camera with the button on the stick or a separate remote you’ll need to get a stick that offers Bluetooth pairing.

If you don’t get a stick that pairs to your smartphone via Bluetooth you’ll have to use a timer on your phone to take the picture which can get real messy, real fast.

Extension – Depending on the stick you get you’ll be able to extend a couple feet to over 3 feet with the best poles.

Our top rated stick extends more than 40 inches which is what you would expect out of a high quality selfie stick.

Travel Size –¬† When you’re not in the mood to take selfies you’ll want to have a stick that can fold up and get mobile quickly.

How are you going to be using your selfie stick? Do you plan on doing extreme sports or going on hikes with your new pole?

That’s what’ll determine the right stick for you..

What About Our Top Rated Selfie Stick???

Firstly, the most important factor that makes a selfie stick the best for both extreme sports and everyday photo takers is the built in battery paired with a built-in button that controls your camera directly on the stick.

Rather than having a completely separate remote control that controls the shutter of your camera phone you can simply hold the stick in your hand and press the button that is conveniently placed right on the pole.

I’d like to see someone try to snowboard while holding a selfie stick and worrying about dropping the key that controls the whole thing.

I bet you couldn’t get this shot with the remote in your hand ūüėČ

Second, the Bluetooth pairing is crucial. Without connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth you’ll either have to use a time or have a pesky cord that connects your phone to the pole.

We do suggest the corded selfie pole over the cheap timer-based sticks for obvious reasons but the cord is just another piece that can easily break and cost you your stick.

Finally, the extension/travel size. It’s important that you have a stick that can extend out far enough to take an awesome shot, but it needs to be compact enough to take around sightseeing.

After testing a number of different selfie sticks we’ve found a pole that combines¬† built-in Bluetooth technology, great extension and travel size, and is currently selling for less than $20 (free shipping) on

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How To Use a Selfie Stick

What Comes With Your Selfie Stick?

1. Bluetooth Selfie Stick with mount

2. Smartphone Cradle

3. Charging Cable

4. Rubber Grommet (for different size phones)

Pairing Your Selfie Stick via Bluetooth

It’s easy to setup your brand new selfie stick.

Here’s the steps to get your selfie stick setup and controlling the shutter on your smartphone camera.

  • Turn on the selfie stick
  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your phone and turn on Bluetooth
  • Select the new selfie stick device when it shows up


Your new Bluetooth selfie stick is now paired with your smartphone and the button on the stick (or the remote) will control the shutter of your camera.

Give it a try…

Head to the camera on your smartphone and say ‘cheese’!

Getting Your Phone In The Cradle

  • Use the dial to screw the stick onto the cradle (don’t twist the cradle onto the stick)
  • Extend the cradle and fit your phone into it
  • Loosen the side tightening screw to angle the phone properly. Then, tighten firmly.
  • Pull the stick out up to 3.5 feet and take your selfie shot!

How To Extend Your Selfie Stick

  • Hold the stick firmly in one hand and pull on the other end near the phone cradle
  • Extend the stick anywhere from 1 foot to 3.5 feet to capture the best shot possible

How To Keep Your Selfie Stick Going Strong For Years..

The biggest tip we have for you is to use the screws on the mount before changing the positioning of the selfie stick.

If you do not loosen the tightening screw on the mount before changing the angle of your phone you could damage it.

The phone cradle will extend out out to fit most all phones including the iPhone 6 Plus and even the newest Galaxy s6 which just launched in Early 2015.

Try keeping your phone in the case for maximum safety at all times.

Lastly, be sure to to use the dial to remove the cradle from the stick rather then using the cradle itself.

There is a bit of rubber grip between the selfie stick mount and the phone cradle that keeps the unit from shifting.

When you twist off the cradle rather than using the dial to unscrew the cradle from the stick you can ruin the rubber.

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Who Invented The Selfie Stick?

The idea of a “telescopic extender” used for small mobile cameras has been around since the 80’s, according to

The first patent showed up in 1983 for the extender and since then has grown into a modern must-have accessory for millions of people worldwide.

More recently a Canadian inventor who goes by the name of Wayne Fromm the “Quik Pod” device which is one of the earliest selfie sticks released. Since then a number of new products and variations¬†of the original stick have been released.

Time magazine ha called it one of the best inventions of 2014 and the sticks continue to show up at concerts, special events, extreme sports, and other crazy places as well.

Check this out..

There are some people talking trash about the selfie sticks because “it’s a potential danger” but the truth is that shot would have never been possible without the extra extension that the pole offers.

Since the invention of the selfie stick a number of changes have been added to the stick including more extension, bluetooth pairing, and an extendable cradle that works with modern phones like the iPhone 6 plus and even the Galaxy S6.

There are a number of manufacturers and styles but after testing we’ve found the stick that offers the highest quality paired with extreme value.. And it’s not going to cost you $50+ like many of the other sticks on the market.

4 Reasons¬†To Grab a Selfie Stick for Yourself…

  1. Capture the entire family in one shot
  2. Never leave somebody out of the picture
  3. Don’t miss out on that amazing background
  4. Never bug a stranger again

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What Is a Selfie Stick? Smartphone Camera On a Pole..

The selfie stick is one of the newest accessories that makes it easy to capture shots of yourself, group shots, or extreme shots at the click of a button from any smartphone or digital camera.

The pole can telescope out over 40+ inches which gives you a ton of extra extension for capturing a beautiful background or to capture a shot of the entire family around the table for Christmas Dinner.

bluetooth selfie stick

A proper selfie stick should be able to¬†pair with your smartphone via bluetooth as well include an¬†extendable cradle that’s used to hold the phone safely on the stick.

After being paired with a smartphone the button on the stick will control the shutter to the camera which makes it extremely easy to capture shots in seconds.

Some selfie poles have a separate control like a keyless entry for a car that controls the shutter rather than having the button on the actual stick.

Who Invented The Selfie Stick? 

Believe it or not, the extendable pole for taking pictures has been around since 2005 when Wayne Fromm patented his “Quik Pod”, according to

Even earlier then that in 1983 there was a patent issued in the US for a¬†“telescopic extender”¬†for handheld cameras which is pretty much exactly what the selfie stick is used for.

Why Would Anyone Need a Selfie Stick?

Have you ever tried to take a picture with your phone and not been able to get the right angle? How about trying to capture to large group and leaving your favorite uncle¬†“out of the picture.”

Nobody likes getting left outta’ the pic, but that’s just the way it goes…Until now.¬†

Now you can simply add your iPhone or Android into the selfie cradle, sync the stick to your phone via bluetooth, extend the stick out to capture the best shot and say “CHEESE!”

selfie shot

The stick will take a picture at the click of a button, or if it doesn’t have bluetooth you can set the timer to go off for you automatically.

No more bugging¬†strangers. No more leaving¬†Uncle Edmond¬†outta’ the shot. And¬†definitely no more horrible angles that don’t include your beautiful background.

How To Get a High Quality Selfie Stick For Half The Price?

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Where Can You Buy a Selfie Stick?

If you’re looking to purchase a selfie stick there’s only TWO options depending on how quickly you need to get your hands on your stick.

Your best bet is to grab your selfie stick from and you can have the selfie pole at your front door for less than $20, and that includes free 2 day shipping on orders over $35.

Amazon offers the¬†best value¬†on selfie¬†sticks because of it’s international presences and sellers offering extremely competitive pricing on¬†their stock.

Here’s a shot of¬†a bluetooth selfie stick that’s selling for cheap on Amazon..Click the pic to check it out..

selfie pole by house and beyond

Need to get your sticks quicker than that?

You may want to try your luck at electronics giants like Best(WORST)Buy, Target, or even Walmart.

The problem is that Selfie Sticks are just starting to get popular and many of these retailers don’t¬†even carry a single brand as of this post.

Another way to get a stick at a reasonable price may be able to snag a used one off of the familiar Craigslist website but this is hit or miss based on whose selling in your area.

Looking to save money??

After doing tons of research and talking to a number of different sellers it’s confirmed that the cheapest place to purchase selfies sticks are online.

By grabbing your sticks from you’re going to save money on the selfie stick and you get free shipping that ships out the same day!

Other benefits of purchasing direct from

  • Guarantee – Your purchase is guaranteed and if you have any issues you can get a brand new stick sent out no questions asked.
  • Customer Support – If you ever have a question or concern you can contact the seller within seconds
  • Flexibility – If you want to pay with your credit card or Paypal account Amazon can safely and securely accept your payment.

Overview – Where to buy a selfie stick..

If¬†you need your stick within the next 24 hours you may want to try a local store like Target or Walmart, but we can’t promise they’ll have any in stock.

If you need to get your stick within 48 hours you may want to purchase your stick from since they offer competitive pricing paired with fast free shipping.

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